Have a question that's apparently not a "frequent" one? Ask us here.

Do you only embroider text messages?

Nope! It doesn’t have to be a text message, that was just the first shtick that came to mind. Any words will do, but for optimal aesthetic we suggest you keep it short and sweet: 40 characters for sweatshirts and 30 characters for tees. Emoji capability is a work-in-progress—stay tuned!


Do you only embroider sweatshirts?

You can embroider anything if you are willing to try hard enough, but we settled on easy, breezy t-shirts and jumpers because the thicker material increases the lifespan of the embroidery (and who doesn't love a cozy, universally flattering sweatshirt?). If you have a special request, shoot us an email at ithinkimspecial@readreceipts.co.uk and we will do our best to come up with a polite way to say no.


What is your shipping policy?

As soon as your order is completed, it will be wrapped in organic brown paper and carbon neutral twine and handed off to a free-range carrier pigeon.

Just kidding. We are currently based in the idyllic town of Winchester, so if you are in the UK (hello, neighbor!), we will send to you via Royal Mail. For orders outside the UK, we offer both untracked and tracked shipping (but we recommend paying the little something extra for tracking so you know exactly where your sweater is every step of the way). Please keep in mind that customs has a mind of its own, so shipping time may vary.


How do I wash my Read Receipt?

All our jumpers and tees are hand-embroidered to your specification—so exact care directions vary. Generally, your parents' instructions to wash with like colors is good; even better if you hand wash with your delicate detergent. We then recommend air drying to minimize damage to both your sweatshirt and the planet.


Do you take rush orders or special requests?

We want you to have your dream sweatshirt right now, too, but we're limited to how many our delicate fingers can put together at a time. We also need to make sure that everything that leaves our hands is up to our standards. If it's an embroidery emergency (what other kind of emergency is there, really), shoot us a note through our contact form and we will see what we can do. 


What's your deal with returns?

Not 100% thrilled with your Read Receipt? Apologies! Give us an earful through our contact form (including your order number) and we will do our best to make amends.