Hey Ladies! Merch

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About "Hey Ladies!"

"If an email is sent en masse to a group of women and it starts with 'hey ladies,' it is sure to require something," says The New York Times. Based on the series of the same name from The Toast, HEY LADIES! is a fictional and satirical look at what it's like to gather all your friends together and try to pull off the wedding of the year, told exclusively in reply all emails.

Written by Michelle Markowitz and Caroline Moss, the book stars all of the women in your life, like Ali (the dictator), Katie (the know-it-all), Nicole (the broke one who's forever trying to haggle down the bar tab), and Jen (the one getting her MRS degree). 

Called the "funniest book of 2018" by Apartment Therapy and "utterly relatable" by Bustle, HEY LADIES! is the laugh-out-loud read of the summer.

The Goods

HEY LADIES! has teamed up with Read Receipts for an exclusive *limited edition* collection of HEY LADIES! merch, featuring a hand-embroidered design inspired by the colorful cover. Because nothing say "chic" like matching your clothes to your book—just ask Ali.